Disability Retirement Legal Manual

The Disability Retirement Legal Manual is a compendium of questions and answers covering the full scope of the OPM Disability Retirement process: questions I have been repeatedly asked over the years.


These blog posts are particularly important to individuals seeking disability retirement. For example, "Getting Fired Can Be A Blessing" is a critical concept describing how it can be advantageous for a federal employee to be fired if their medical condition interferes with either their performance, attendance, or conduct.

Mandatory OPM Forms

When applying for Disability Retirement, OPM has a series of mandatory forms. I provide links to the forms and explain how responses can be augmented to make for a more convincing case.

Harvey Talk

If you want to get a feel for what I'm all about and listen to me answer a few of the questions clients ask me, listen to these podcasts.


While I feel testimonials are baloney since a lawyer can pick and choose which ones to publish, here are a few to make you feel good about me.

About the Author

Read about what I have done in my over 50 years of being a lawyer.

About the Blog

I published the first website on the topic of Federal Disability Retirement some 20 years ago. It was the single source of information for government employees seeking disability retirement. Since then, other lawyers and OPM have followed suit and provide a great deal of needed information.

I am now retired and continue to write this blog, but I no longer take cases. My trusted colleague Elliott Andalman, Esq. does. If you need his assistance, fill out the contact form and Elliott will get in touch with you. Read more about Elliott.

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