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About Harvey Friedman

I worked in the field of OPM Disability Retirement Law for 35 years of the more than 50 years I've been a lawyer. I was a pioneer in the field and won the enormous bulk of my cases on either initial application, reconsideration, or appeal. I successfully handled hundreds of federal employment cases such as accommodation, removal, etc.

Nowadays, I spend my time working on this blog, providing advice to disabled federal employees, and writing my memoir.

If you want to hear about how I learned what Disability Retirement is from my first Disability Retirement client, listen below:


  • 1965-JD University of Miami School of Law
  • 1972-JSD Candidate, Columbia University School of Law

Bar Membership

  • Florida Bar
  • District of Columbia Bar

Professional Employment

  • Attorney, Civil Rights Division, US Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Attorney, Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
  • Attorney, National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
  • Attorney, National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
  • Special Counsel, US Senate, Committee on the District of Columbia
  • Attorney, US Department of Justice
  • Director, American Bar Association, Special Committee on Crime Prevention and Control
  • Director, Courts Task Force, National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards
  • Assistant Professor of Law, (Detroit & Baltimore)

Private Law Practice

  • 1978 to Present, Washington, DC

Mississippi Sheriff Throws Me In Jail

In 1966, it was not considered unreasonable or unusual for a white sheriff in a rural county in Mississippi, to detest the Federal government, let alone some white liberal lawyer working for the Federal government...


Boy Lawyer Wins the Day due to Judge's Toilet Urge

It was 1966 and this was my first civil rights hearing, actually my first hearing, civil rights or not. I was 26 and about one year out of law school. I had lucked out...


Moscow Party is a podcast about one of the many security clearance cases Harvey handled. It features KGB Agents, monopoly, lesbian affairs, and much much more! An exciting story completely unrelated to disability retirement, but we hope you enjoy nonetheless. Listen below.

CBS AIDS in the Military Video

Before turning to Disability Retirement Law, Harvey was an attorney for members of the US Military, including some who were diagnosed with AIDS and then faced a legal battle with the US Government. In 1982, Dan Rather's CBS Nightly News reported on a number of cases Harvey won for service members with AIDS.

Harvey briefly discusses the issue at the end of the clip.

About Jeremy:

Jeremy is the webmaster. He runs the blog, keeps track of who is contacting us, and helps Harvey write his memoir. If you are interested in his work, check out his website at

And here is a little interview that I, Harvey, did with Jeremy back in his school days when he first came to work for me.

Harvey Talk!

Featuring Harvey Friedman, Produced by Jeremy Neff.

Harvey Friedman gives you the inside scoop on what disability retirement is all about. It is based on his over 30 years of experience representing federal employees seeking disability retirement from OPM. The Do's, The Don'ts, The Why's, Wherefore's, the What Not To's and the How To's.

Podcast #3: A Good Doctor is the REAL Key To Winning: What makes someone eligible for Disability Retirement, and how do they prove it? Find out why getting a supportive doctor is the most important step in pursuing Disability Retirement. Transcript.

Podcast #2: Don't Worry So Much About The Fee - You're Gonna Make Out Like A Bandit: Hear how to find a good lawyer - other than Harvey (he's retired!). Harvey covers how you can make out like a bandit with disability retirement and whether a lawyer's fee is worth it. Transcript.

Podcast #1: Harvey's First Disability Retirement Client (1985!): Our first attempt at a podcast. It is about Harvey's first client in the Disability Retirement field, who taught him what Disability Retirement even was! And it is a strange story indeed. Hope you enjoy.

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